MechMania 16 Technical Details

Running the Server

There is a "run" script in the server directory. Execute it to run the server. It takes the following parameters:

Your client has approximately 10 seconds to connect. Keep this in mind if you are running them both by hand.

Running Your Client

Your client should include a "" script that takes the following arguments: TEAMNAME

A default script is included, so this is unlikely to be a problem.

If you are using the C++ client, you MUST include a Makefile, which will be executed once when your client is uploaded to the arena. We have included a Makefile for you; you can modify it, but if you break it, you're on your own.

If you are using the Java client, you MUST include a build.xml file, which will be executed by your script. We have included one for you, so this should not be a problem.

Our arena is set up with a very restricted environment. You have access to standard libraries, but you won't have access to most other system resources, but again, this should not be a problem since the defaults work.

When the game concludes, the socket to your client will be closed and you will probably crash. That's okay. You are not permitted to keep state between runs.