Event Filename
Bitton, Ephrat -- Visualizing Social Opinion avi / wmv
Brook, Andrew -- Machines and Markets - An Overview of Automated Trading and Some Recent Developments avi / wmv
Cheney, Matt; Dhar, Vilas -- Why Paris Hilton is Famous and Barack Obama is President avi / wmv
Danahy, Ethan -- Teaching Programming through Engineering and LEGO Robotics avi / wmv
Garrod, John -- Palantir’s Project Horizon: Interactive Analysis with Big Data avi / wmv
Hart, George -- Geometric Sculpture avi / wmv
Jacques, Jeph -- How To Become A Successful Internet Cartoonist In Three Easy Steps (Not) avi / wmv
Mallette, Douglas -- Space Exploration and Development avi / wmv
Mechmania Closing Ceremony avi / wmv
Mechmania Opening Ceremony avi / wmv
Oskov, Nasko -- Why is Network Security Hard? avi / wmv
Peterson, Dan; Fitzpatrick, Brian -- Extending the Open Web, and Surviving Poisonous People avi / wmv
Swartz, Aaron -- The Social Responsibility of Computer Science avi / wmv