Hack Day

Welcome to the Fall 2007 Yahoo! Hack Day competition!

Hack Day is a 24-hour coding sprint where you bring in your ideas for a really cool application, and you write it. The code can be ugly, it can be incomplete. It may be as polished as you have time to make it; it's the "cool" factor that earns your "hack" the win. If you're unfamiliar with the competition, here's a little sketch of the road from thinking about Hack Day to a winning entry...

The Initiation

On October 5th, in 2405 Siebel, Yahoo! will be in Champaign to bring you all together for dinner and to warm you up for the competition. You'll hear from Rasmus Lerdorf, the creator of PHP. You'll hear from Kent Brewster, resident "rockstar" developer at Yahoo!. You'll take their knowledge and experiences and let them sink into your mind, readying you for the road ahead. Finally, you will hear the rules of the competition, and you'll register your teams.

The Planning

From October 6th through October 10th, you plan. You and your teammates, meeting covertly in the corners of the Siebel Center, try to plan the idea that will blow everyone out of the water. You look for the little hack that will change the whole world in such a subtle, yet irrefutably fascinating way that nobody will forget it. This is the time that your genius hack is born.

The Competition

On October 11th, at exactly 12pm, Hack Day begins! You and your team will sit down in your corner of the Siebel Center and hack out your ideas. Over 24 hours, you construct a glorious hack, a slick and salient program that makes the impact your competitors did not imagine. It's a race, a sprint, a monumental charge to destiny!

The Victory

On October 12th, at exactly 12pm, coding stops! All submissions are due, and you are ready to reveal your hack to the competition! Your fingers are worn, tired from straight hours of furious typing (it was so worth it). Fortunately, you get a six-hour reprieve; a short period of rest to reflect on the Day. Then, at 6:15p sharp, you return to the Siebel Center and your presentation commences! The whole world sees your code, your creation, your genius for the winning entry that it is.

More details on logistics will be revealed on October 5th. Until then, prepare for victory!