Blue Blood and Mutiny is a strategy game of war and money. Each game will last 20 minutes. The game is composed of:

Companies: Every team is a company and starts out with 4000 gold. Each player starts 20,000 au (astronomical units) away from the nearest players, arranged on the circumference of a circle. Asteroids are scattered randomly around the origin. A company has a certain worth/value based upon its stock, ships, and amount of gold.

Ships: A ship is composed of 6 elements: hull health, radar range, max speed, power core, power regeneration, and weapons. One major thing to note: there is no upper limit on the quantity of any of these elements. The only limit is cost. A ship has no base cost, only the cost of its attributes. These costs are as follows:
  • 1 health point = 1 gold
  • 1 au of radar range = 1 gold
  • 1 au of max speed (how far you can move per turn) = 10 gold
  • 1 power core = 5 gold
  • 1 power core regenerated per turn = 15 gold

Note that distances are in au. Radar ranges are important, because you do NOT have a general overview of the arena. The only knowledge you have of other players comes from within your ships' radar ranges.

Ships also have weapons. These are as follows:
  • Miner: used only to mine for gold on asteroids. one miner costs 1000 gold, has a range of 2 au, and can cause 5 damage to another ship. it costs 1 power core to run per turn.
  • Quad laser: costs 1000 gold, has a range of 10 au, causes 300 damage, and costs 10 power cores per turn.
  • Ion cannon: costs 3000 gold, has a range of 50 au, causes 700 damage, and costs 25 power cores per turn.
  • Yamato gun: costs 7000 gold, has a range of 100 au, causes 1000 damage, and costs 40 power cores per turn.
  • Doctor Device: costs 15000 gold, has a range of 50 au, causes 2000 damage, and costs 75 power cores per turn.

Asteroids: These are randomly assigned an amount of gold between 500 and 2500. There are 5000 asteroids randomly scattered around the origin (within a radius of 5000 au). You will receive 10 gold per miner per ship on an asteroid.

Stock: Companies can buy and sell stock to and from the bank. A company's value is the sum of its gold, ships, and value of stock. However, when calculating the value of stock, only gold and ship value is counted (to prevent needlessly complicated circular dependencies in stock value). As soon as 51% of a company's stock is sold to a single other company, all of that company's gold, ships, and stock is transferred to the majority shareholder. Anyone who owned stock in the acquired company is paid the value of their stock prior to the acquisition.

Auctions: A company can choose to auction a ship. In this case, a starting bid is specified and the auction starts. An auction is finished when the high bid is not contested within 3 rounds. All auctions are global and can be seen all the time.

Tributes: A company can give a ship or an amount of gold to another company at any time. This is called a tribute.

Attacking: Attacking is straightforward. You specify a ship and a weapon with which to attack. That weapon will extract the specified damage from the victim. You can accomplish more damage by attacking more than once per turn.

API Spec

This is a general overview of the client API. Detailed code specifications will be available at 8am tomorrow.

Two global objects are used: GameState and GameTurn. GameState represents everything you know at that time. GameTurn is something you manipulate and is evaluated by the server at each round.

GameState: This object provides the following data:
  • Companies still in play
  • All company stock information (this is all public)
  • All auctions currently underway
  • Ships that your ships can see (you have ALL information about these ships, nothing is hidden)
  • Asteroids that are within radar range

GameTurn: This object provides the following functions:
  • BuildShip. needs:
    • weapons
    • radar range
    • engine max speed (how far it can move per turn)
    • hull max health
    • power core max power
    • power core regeneration (how many power cores you get back per turn)
  • AuctionShip
  • Bid (on an auction)
  • Tribute
  • BuyStock
  • SellStock
  • Mine
  • Move
  • Attack

Good luck! See you all tomorrow.