The Story So Far...

There was the time when small independent traders roamed the galaxy, mining the luser asteroids for their wealth of personal information.

A trader could hop from mining site to site, searching with their powerful regex sensors for phone numbers and email addresses, occasionally finding the rare yet valuable es-es-en.

Over time the traders created networks of information and societies grew and thrived in these oases of data.

Since then, the larger of the networks have grown into giant empires controlled by the rich and powerful trader-barons Faicbuk, Miespas and Twitter. These networks reach from star to star, spanning from the edge of the galaxy to stars end...

Now that is not to say that the small traders are extinct, there are still a few remnants of a simpler time, the networks Hi5, Orkut, and LinkedIn? are reminiscent of the good old days.

Recently however, a new untouched asteroid belt has been discovered, putting the large mega-empires on the same playing field as the little guy. The ethanol farmer belt, located in the red light sector contained a wealth that could not be imagined.

The networks each sent out their largest carriers, equipped to build a fleet of miners and for those that preferred more forceful tactics, a deadly arsenal of warships. A few young spacers, dreaming of wealth and glory started up their engines as well and flew to the red light sector.

There were, however a few ships that naively relied on the second version of the Java runtime environment. A few days before they were set to cast off, the jre2 experienced a massive failure, nearly stranding the spacers.

The ships arrived, and began to transfer from the long space flight to the longer fight ahead.

But who will finally control this massive wealth, only you can decide...