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Gamebuild-a-thon 2014: Speedy Development
02-06-2014, 12:18 PM (This post was last modified: 02-09-2014 02:06 PM by Praneet Sahgal.)
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Gamebuild-a-thon 2014: Speedy Development
Hello and welcome to yet another Gamebuild-a-thon! Once again, sponsored by EA. This semester's competition will be a slightly different format: we're trying to make the competition less restrictive in terms of rules and theme. Here's a summary of the rules:

• The competition will be held from 12 PM on Saturday, February 15th to 12 PM on Sunday, February 16th. You will have 24 hours to build a game.
• You may work in teams of up to 3 people.
• Food and prizes will be provided by EA.
• The competition will be in Siebel 2405. You're free to use the computer labs if you need it, but we'll be in 2405 to handle questions about the competition and troubleshoot the framework.
• The required language is C++, and the allowed libraries are OpenGL, SDL, SFML, Box2D, OGRE, and Bullet. If you know of any additional libraries that you think we should allow, send us an email.
• The framework is different from previous competitions. We're providing a build framework (using Waf) that will let us compile using C++ on all major platforms. You'll have to build the game pretty much from scratch; we'll provide some sample Box2D code to get you started.
• Game assets built before the competition by participants will not be allowed. You'll have to make everything on-site.
• You're allowed to use assets from certain online sites (we have a list).
• The theme is Gotta go fast! So make a game that relates to that. There is no genre requirement this time (Tower Defense, Platformer, etc.).
• Submission will be done by Github, so you'll need a Github account.
• Signups are required, and due at 11:59 PM on Thursday, February 13th. Click here to sign up.

For the full, official set of rules, click here. Feel free to post below if you're looking for a team! Or if you have any questions/suggestions about the rules.
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