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[Association for Computing Machinery at University of Illinois, Urbana/Champaign]

PLEASE NOTE: As of October 28, 1997 /rml/ and all sub-URLs will no longer be functional.

I was astounded at the outpouring of people volunteering to help when I made a plea for another host but sadly none of the leads made it to fruition.

I would hope that as a final gesture to this site, you would notify the site that directed you here that RML is off the net. In being around for quite awhile, many links have been generated. Some are on CDROMs others are found in publications being sold, and although nothing can be done about them, at least they will be a lasting tribute to this site.

It has been fun providing the Internet with images and sounds for 4 years. I thank you for your support during that time and I have personally enjoyed hearing from you and helping you when I could. I'm glad Rob's Multimedia Lab has shared in the early experiences of a medium that was once unheard of to the common person, the World Wide Web. I'm proud to have been some persons first experiences with the web and to show some of the good things that can be.

It has been nice sharing the net with you. We have many things to look forward to in this global neighborhood. I hope to see you around sometime. (10/22/97)


Rob's Multimedia Lab (RML) was one of the first multimedia content sites in the early days of the web. Since July of 1993 when RML was made public on NCSA's July 1993 What's New page, it has provided Web surfers around the world with multimedia imagery and sounds for their use and enjoyment.

After being resurrected in March of 1994 by the generous donation of disk space and machinery by the UIUC ACM Student Chapter and Sun Microsystems, Inc., UIUC finally decided that they no longer could spare the bandwidth needed to support the amount of traffic that this site generated (avg high 8 gigabytes/day to low 9 gigabytes/day with peaks of 10 gigabytes/day noticed).

Some high points of this site have been the early introduction of this site onto the web while it was in its infancy, the use of RML for early NCSA web server software testing, the copyright licensing by the organization that is responsible for Escher imagery, and the overwelming support of people like you who have visited this site.

Lastly updated: Tue Oct 21 07:03:50 CDT 1997